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Our team has a diverse set of international experiences and profiles that allows us to assist our portfolio companies to achieve the maximum results with our investment.

Based in the Netherlands, we invest in companies active in different parts of the world. We understand the opportunities and risks related to emerging markets and the agricultural & food sector. The team has a global network that they actively engage throughout the investment process and after investing.

Paulo Bello

Paulo worked in the global commodity markets for 20 years before founding ForestEffect Fund in 2016. He worked for organisations such as Cargill, Intersnack, BHP Billiton and has deep knowledge of local conditions for the production of commodities in developing countries. During this time, his work brought him to most regions where commodities are produced. This includes West Africa, South and Central America and Asia. Since 2005, Paulo has invested in companies and projects in emerging markets and the Netherlands with sustainable business cases.

In 2016, his experiences and network led to the ForestEffect Fund where he acts as CEO and investment manager. In the new Fund, he will act as CEO of the Manager and his key role is deal development and deal negotiation.
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Walle Oppedijk van Veen

Walle has been investing in sustainable projects and companies in emerging markets since 2005. He has developed deep knowledge and skills to create business cases around sustainability. He worked for Accenture, Shell and BHP Billiton and in 2008, Walle co-founded an investment and trading firm with Paulo. Since that time, he developed and executed many investments in emerging economies in sectors such as sugarcane, citrus, cocoa, agroforestry, palm oil, coffee and fruits (juices).

In 2016, he co-founded ForestEffect where he is responsible for deal origination, executing investments and assisting investee companies on the development of sustainable business cases. In the new Fund, he will continue to act as a partner and his key role is deal negotiation and deal execution.
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Joost van Meerbeeck

Joost started his career as a consultant at McKinsey before joining HAL Investments, one the leading private equity firms in Europe. Joost joined HAL in 1992 as HAL’s 3rd investment professional (after HAL’s current Chairman and current CEO). Since then the investment group autonomously grew from 600 million USD to 13 billion Euro in 2016. In 2016, Joost evolved towards an advisory role at HAL and non-executive board member at a number of HAL subsidiaries. He also founded SUSTINVEST an international investment company.

Joost, through his company SUSTINVEST, has joined the Manager as a partner with the aim to strengthen the investment team with the launch of the new Fund. His role will be focused on deal support and deal negotiation.

Guilherme Teixeira

Guilherme spent 6 years as a Private Equity professional at the Icatu Group, a multi billion investment company in Brazil, being involved in broad spectrum of investment opportunities including late-stage minority investments and buy-outs. He is focused on assisting the Manager in all phases of the investment process from performing valuations and due diligence to implementing investment proposals.

Guilherme is enrolled for the CFA level III and has a Finance Master at the University of Amsterdam. He works as a full time investment associate for the Fund.

West Africa office (Ghana): Fodé Bangoura

Fode brings extensive experience in impact investing, as well as an important network in Africa.