WelMac Macadamia

ForestEffect Fund invested in Welmac in 2018. Welmac is a vertically integrated macadamia company with activities in macadamia nursery, production, processing and marketing.

Welmac aims to become the largest producer of Macadamia products in the world. Currently, Welmac owns a producing farm in South Africa and with the investment of ForestEffect Fund, the operation is being expanded and upgraded to the best available standards with regards to farm management, resource efficiency and optimal water usage.

WelMac Macadamia

With the investment of ForestEffect Fund, Welmac is expanding its Macadamia orchard on the existing farm in South Africa. The entire farm is being upgraded to meet the best farming practices and sustainability criteria. The operations in South Africa include a large scale nursery for macadamia trees, an automized ferti-irrigation system that reduces water consumption significantly and the ability to semi process the macadamia products on site.

Together with ForestEffect Fund, Welmac is exploring growth opportunities in the Macadamia sector. We actively work with Welmac to maximize the commercial opportunity of their existing operations and with their further growth plans in the near future.

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