Solarus Power Collectors

Solarus provides a highly competitive energy solution (heat and electricity) through a thermal PV solution to different sectors such as the hospitality industry and the food processing industry.

ForestEffect Fund invested in Solarus in 2017. With the investment, Solarus is accelerating their commercial roll out with their unique power collector. ForestEffect actively assists the management in their strategic planning and global acccess to new markets.

Solarus Power Collectors

The Solarus PowerCollectorâ„¢ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel. Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day. Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity with solar thermal (T) generation heat. Through this technology, Solarus is able to provide 3 times more energy compared to a conventional solar panel.

Solarus focuses on the hospitality sector and the food processing sector and is active in different geographies. The main commercial focus today for the company is on growing the market in India and South Africa.

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