Jaguar New Energies

ForestEffect Fund invested in Jaguar New Energies in 2020 to expand the offering of an end-to-end renewable solution in Africa.

JNE is a partnership among ForestEffect Fund, Jaguar Fruits and New Southern Energy (NSE). Jaguar Fruits is a global player in the fruit industry with a strong presence in Africa and Europe. NSE is a leading South African-based, full-service renewable energy provider for distributed energy projects throughout Africa.

Solar energy represents an immense opportunity in Africa due to its abundance of sun-rich areas and the unreliable and expensive grid energy in the continent. JNE delivers renewable solutions to its clients by installing, financing, operating and owning solar panels.

By offering a green and reliable energy for an affordable price, JNE drives positive change in the economy by increasing the productivity of its clients while reducing CO2 emissions.